Single Mum Recovered From 500K Debt Now Receives Bitcoin Each Week

Client Spotlight-Maggie Webber, Best-Selling Author

Maggie Webber,
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A single mum recovered from 500k debt who now receives bitcoin each week, Maggie’s passionate about ensuring women understand the importance of this formative time in history.

A global speaker, best-selling author, results coach and advisory board member, Maggie is all about creating content to make it easy for working mothers to learn more and ultimately profit: being able to provide for themselves, as well as their families’ futures.

“Becoming $500,000 dollars in debt as a single mum of 2 teenagers after my property development failed during the GFC, I also categorically refused to go bankrupt.  

“Sharing the tools I used to help me negotiate with my creditors and heal my ‘financial wound’, I have spent the years since assisting other working mothers to reprogram any limiting beliefs they may have about themselves, their abilities and their potential.

International Best-Selling Titles

‘A Working Mother’s Guide to a Guiltfree Career’ and ‘A Working Mother’s Guide to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency’.

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Grab your free copy: A Working Mothers’ Guide to Blockchain and Crypto Currency

As the next financial crisis looms, I’m teaching working mothers online about becoming financially literate in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, so they are no longer at the behest of banks and can secure their financial future with my course being launched in May 2020.

Maggie as a single mum, why did you decide to start accepting part of your income in Bitcoin?

Interesting choice of words – I chose to have it paid.  I pay myself.  Because I’m very convinced by Bitcoin and its future, I pay myself each week.  Dollar cost averaging: a set amount every week.  It cuts the emotions out of everything.  It’s a bit like investing in property.

What do you think the future of Bitcoin will be?

It’s not as definite as I’d like it to be. Once it was the only reason… all the people who love Bitcoin are presuming it’s going to still stay as the mother ship, a guiding light.  Bitcoin’s biggest challenge is coming from the SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) of the International Monetary Fund, creating a global currency which could knock Bitcoin off its perch.  It’s in the wings…

It’s such a logical solution to the current manipulation of markets, also I believe the manipulators will not want to lose control – they are threatened by BTC.

What’s it like being part of this community? Is information readily available?

It depends on who you go to for your information. I’m very connected with the blockchain and crypto community out of London. I can’t keep up with the amount of information coming out!

Women In Blockchain groups, James Bowater of the Crypto Insider (a paper in London), there’s so much information – it’s almost too much!  I like following On Yavin – his whole business is finding out the scammers. He’s brilliant. 

I sent him a company to investigate, he said:

“Absolute scam!” 

There’s also too much info, so you really need to check your sources.  A loooooot of scamming out there. Like Bitconnect. A lot of people got sucked into that.

What did you need to do to start getting paid in bitcoin?

If I hadn’t been for that scam, I wouldn’t have dug as deep as I have.  I’m so grateful and I’m so passionate about this.  Seeing how many people got sucked in, these are traps for young players.  But I’m exceedingly grateful. I have the tools of daily meditation and heart math  (little techniques that people can use in the moment) and they’ve taught me how to cope with anything. So I needed to get ripped off in order to look into this so deeply…

Was it an easy process?

GPIB was as simple as anything.  There was extensive KYC (Know Your Customer). 

Did it take much time?

I only needed to swap wallets, all pretty straightforward once that was done.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

If you can set it up so you put a little bit every week, you won’t even know the difference.  Nice little nest egg building up before you realise it.  Otherwise you’ll spend it!  You will notice it though, when you go and check your nest egg.  We need to work smart and not so hard, so just do it and forget about it. Set-and-forget! If a A single mum recovered from 500k debt who now receives bitcoin each week can change her life, so can you.

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